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The visionary women behind the brands

Latin Fashion Week, Promoda, Luho, First Choice Communication, Telecom, Sofy and more. 

Sobeidy is a visionary woman, a serial interpreter with an extraordinary track record working and creating a company to disrupt new markets.   


At an early age, she realized the lack of opportunity and representation in the fashion industry for Latinos and minorities, with that in mind she decided to challenge the unchallenged and created a platform that serves as a bridge of opportunity for Latinos and minority-run mostly by women in the fashion industry, the company was called "Latin Fashion Week"

Latin Fashion Week was created and trademarked as part of a personal commitment that aims to increase Latino and minority presence in the fashion industry. With two missions in mind, to provide an affordable fashion platform and bring pride to the Latino and minority fashion community and use the fashion industry vehicular to generate awareness about Human Trafficking and Sexual slavery of underage girls.

I am a mother, daughter, sister, woman, serial entrepreneur, and visionary who always loves to meet great people.

I am passionate about keeping alive the Latin/Latino culture and helping our future generation to be proud of their descendants; says "Sobeidy Vidal" Founder and CEO of Latin Fashion Week.

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The biggest and most important Latin Fashion Platform

Sobeidy Vidal is the founder and CEO of Latin Fashion Week, a dream that start over a decade ago in 2004, with the sole idea, to create a platform of opportunity for Latin fashion designers to enter the American fashion market and to create pride and promote the Latin culture.  Latin fashion Week provides a year-round parade of fashion events, providing support to unprivileged fashion and helping them sell their product to boutiques, retailers, wholesalers, and more.  #latinfw is a for-profit Latin Fashion platform.


Promoda is the biggest Latin fashion Consortium, aiming to serve as a hub for the fashion industry. 

Promoda is PRO  accelerating opportunities in the fashion industry.

Join us is free.

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Luho Store

Community of reseller for your brand

Luho is a consortium of fashion brand sellers that aim to the hard-to-find garments.  Luho is only for clients who want to stand out from the crow. 

Luho is a partnership with the global seller group, focusing on the distribution of clothing, to wholesalers, retailers, boutiques, and more.

With a solid purchased power to enable new fashion designers to generate income.

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